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By using the Site you agree to be bound by and comply with the terms and conditions set forth in the Site's Articles and Privacy Policy and hereby confirm that you have read and agree to these terms. If you do not fully agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Use, please immediately discontinue any further use of the Site.

As stated above, browsing and using the site is subject to your prior consent to the terms of use set out in these policies (the "Site Rules") and the Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy"), so please read these terms carefully.

The use of the site, with all its services and sub sites, is at your own risk.

Therefore, we ask you to read the site's policies and privacy policy carefully before using the site.

Halani Information Solutions Ltd. (the Company) is the owner and operator of a website

go-home that includes sites and information pages that complement it (together and separately "the site").

The Terms of Use set out below are intended to regulate the browsing of the Site. For any questions and / or problems, please contact the operator by e-mail: [email protected] or phone 073-7585826.

The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Terms of Use and your consent to these Terms of Use is the same as your consent to the Privacy Policy.

The use of the site, with all its services and sub sites, is at your own risk. Therefore, we ask you to read the site's policies and privacy policy carefully before using the site.

Site use, ad serving, and ad management policies

1. Permission to Publish an Advertisement - In accordance with the website's rules, a sale ad may only be issued by a private person, as well as companies that initiate and build new projects registered in the state authorities as owners of the property or as owners of leasing rights.

 Quantity of publications for a specific property - Property advertising will be in only one ad on the same subject, you can edit and modify the same ad throughout the advertising period.

For the avoidance of doubt, property marketing companies, brokerage companies and / or receivers are not permitted to advertise on the site, notices of these parties will be disqualified. In the event that it will be caused to the Company as a result of a breach of this section, the damage will be caused to the damage factor and this will bear full responsibility with the injured parties, including the operator of the site.

2. Advertising tracks - The website offers free advertising tracks and payment of premium services, including advice on asset design and preparation for sale, virtual photographs at the customer's site using special equipment, 3D simulations of the customer's site, technology for virtual tour of the property, Site, which may change from time to time at the discretion of the company.

3.  Updating the details of the seller of the property - When registering for publication of an ad, please update the contact details E-mail address, telephone number and other identifying details (for more information please read the company's privacy policy).

4. Ad approval - Each ad undergoes an internal review and approval process. The company may remove / post / publish advertisements for any ad on the site if it is found that this ad is published and / or displayed unlawfully and / or contrary to the site's rules and / or Violates the rights of any third party and / or due to the advertiser's financial debt to the Company.

The Company reserves the right not to approve the wording of an ad that is not worthy and / or does not comply with the standards of the site and / or prohibited for publication / sale according to the laws of the State of Israel.

It is hereby clarified that all the various services on the site are offered to the surfers of the site in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the company, and the access and use are subject to compliance with the threshold conditions determined by the company.

The Company reserves the right not to allow the use of the services offered by it at its absolute discretion.

5. The site standard for the publication of a variable asset from time to time and now stands for the following cumulative conditions:

5.1 Property is renovated and maintained only (without material defects).

5.2 The price of the property exceeds 3 million NIS in the cities of Tel Aviv, Savyon, Arsuf, Kfar Shmaryahu, Ramat Hasharon, Ra'anana and Herzliya; Over 2 million NIS in other areas.

5.3 The property (s) is owned by the advertiser only, all according to section 1 above.

6. Certificates of ownership of the property

If necessary, the Company reserves the right to contact the advertiser during the publication of the ad on the site and to request ownership documents to verify the information in the ad.

7. Links

Do not insert a link / link to another website or web address in writing or in an image or any form of expression. Publication of a phone number will be done only within the contact fields and not in the free text.

8. Asset addresses

The address and mapping database of the addresses on the site is based on various databases, including information received from Google. For the avoidance of doubt, the copyright and intellectual property rights of each of these repositories belong to its owners.

9. Rights to information on the site

You represent and warrant not to collect data from the Website in any manner other than through normal viewing of ads as any reasonable user, including not copying and / or duplicating and / or updating and / or publishing any content on the Site.

You represent and warrant not to perform any action that you create and / or which may create a burden on the site's systems and servers and not to perform any action that interferes and / or interferes with the normal way of operation of the site and the services.

You hereby declare and undertake not to circumvent or attempt to circumvent any technological means available on the Site and / or related systems whose function is to prevent any of the activities that are prohibited by the Site's regulations and by law.

In any of the above cases, the Company shall claim its right to appropriate compensation for damages caused to it.

It is hereby clarified that the Site constitutes an advertising platform for surfers / users and the Company is not responsible for the content of ads published in it by third parties.

10. Liability in tort or criminal for advertising

A. The Company shall not bear any tort or criminal liability as a result of advertising or responding to such advertisement. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, you undertake not to publish and / or enter one or more of the following contents:

· Publication of an asset that infringes the proprietary rights of others or falsifies these rights, Including intellectual property rights, such as copyrights or trademarks, etc.

· Publication of the personal details of a third party or publication of its assets without its approval and consent.

· Publication of issues in respect of which there is a court order prohibiting publication.

· Advertising that could cause damage or harm to Internet users in general, and to site customers in particular.

· Advertising that constitutes libel - defamation of a person or a corporation.

· Advertising of a harassing, offensive, hostile, threatening, crude, racist nature harms public sensibilities and so on.

B. The advertiser undertakes to indemnify the company for any damage caused to the company due to a claim and / or demand directed to it by any third party and whose cause is directly or indirectly related to the publication of the ad content published by the advertiser, including in respect of infringement of the proprietary right, reputation, Third party and / or violation of any law.

third. It is the advertiser's responsibility to remove the advertisement if the asset is not for sale or if it does not want to be published any more. For the avoidance of doubt, no payment shall be made to the advertiser in the event that the asset is sold before the end of the advertising period and / or if the publication of the asset is suspended by the seller.

11. Copyright and Intellectual Property

A. Heleni Group - Smart Information Solutions Ltd. owns the copyrights and intellectual property rights of the site and the trademarks associated with it, the graphic design of the site, the structure of the site, its components and content, including the virtual photos and tours that the company purchases for premium package purchasers.

The combination "Go-Home" and "Your Dream Is Our Vision" and the logo of the company.

B. It is hereby clarified and agreed upon by the advertiser that each image uploaded to the site by the client and not by the site itself is the responsibility of the advertiser only.

third. It is hereby clarified and agreed upon by the Publisher that for the purpose of preventing the copying of the Site, each image bears a unique watermark of the Company logo.

C. It is strictly forbidden to copy, display, publish or transmit the advertised advertisements and the content on the Site, unless the Company has given in advance and in writing to the Company by an authorized representative.

God. It is hereby clarified and agreed upon by the advertiser that upon acceptance of these Terms of Use, the advertiser will transfer to the Company all intellectual property rights in connection with the Advertisement Ads, their design and the images contained therein, including copyright and rights of the Claim for any breach of such rights.

12. Cancellation of Transactions

In the event of cancellation of paid advertising ads before the end of the relevant advertising period or in the event that the advertiser ceases to publish the ad, the advertiser will not be entitled to any refund and the company will not be obliged to indemnify the advertiser for any amount. The above will apply to any other service provided on the paid site which was canceled by the user or canceled by the Company at its discretion and in accordance with the bylaws.

13. Remove advertising

In cases where you have found that any advertising uploaded by any third party violates and / or infringes your proprietary rights, you may contact the Customer Service Department at 073-7585826 within the hours of operation of the Hotline, Site, and report this violation. The Company undertakes to examine this aspect, inter alia, vis-a-vis the advertiser of the ad, and, if necessary, removing it from the site.

14. Operation and maintenance of the site

For the avoidance of doubt, the Company performs maintenance operations from time to time to the go-home site, which requires that the site be shut down for short periods. The Company will endeavor to ensure that these maintenance activities are performed during off-site hours (night hours).

The Company reserves the right to make structural and functional changes to the Site, cancel, add, change its content and functionality at any time. Interruption of the site's ongoing and standard activity, by making repairs, changes and improvements shall not constitute cause for any claim, claim or demand.

Business customers

A "business customer" who receives services from the site is an independent, partnership or business corporation, including companies that initiate, build, and market projects that sell new projects and real estate properties that are owned by him.

The site does not provide advertising services to private brokers and / or brokerage agencies and / or corporations of any kind and / or other business owners engaged in the mediation of real estate transactions.

Policy for managing means of advertising for business customers, without prejudice to the rest of the provisions of the website's rules, to the extent that they apply, mutatis mutandis, is as follows:

Advertising in the various sections of the site by business customers is paid only and includes the premium services according to the company's price list that changes from time to time.

When purchasing an advertising medium - whether on the site or through the site's call center - the advertiser is required to sign an agreement to purchase means of advertising with the company.

A business customer shall be entitled to cancel an agreement for the purchase of means of advertising by sending a signed cancellation notice and obtaining approval from the Company.

For the avoidance of doubt, the cancellation of an agreement by the customer does not entitle him to a full or partial payment of the services provided to him, since the Company has invested resources in preparing the publication of the asset and a digital tour thereof.

5. If the payment is terminated in contravention of the agreement between the parties, the Company may terminate any publication of the customer, without any warning and without prejudice to remedies available to the Company. Failure to pay the Company on time in accordance with the agreement between the parties constitutes a fundamental breach of this Agreement.

6. The Company is entitled at any time to change the tariffs, tracks and other terms of engagement with its business customers. This change does not change the terms of advertising media that have already been sold.

Waiver and limitation of liability

The information, content and services (collectively: "the Services") offered to you on the Site are offered as IS and the Company, its directors, shareholders, controlling shareholders, affiliates and anyone acting on behalf of all of them (hereinafter together with the Company: "the Company") shall bear no responsibility To suit them for your needs and / or for your purposes, subject to the law in Israel.

The Company is not responsible in any way for the Third Party Services and for the use and / or content posted on the Websites referred to by the Site and / or advertisements on the Site. Any use of these sites will be at your own risk.

All services provided by a third party on the Site and any existing and / or future service offered to surfers on the Site ("Third Party Services") are the sole responsibility of the third parties operating them, and the Company shall not bear any responsibility for damage caused to the surfer as a result of the use of the third party services, Including the advertiser.

The Company disclaims any express or implied liability, including any liability for third party services, disruption of the use of the Site, the presence of viruses, destructive software or files, the quality and accuracy of the Site and the information on the Site, fitness for any purpose, completeness, reliability, And does not guarantee that the use of the Site and / or the Services and / or the Services of the third party will not be disturbed and / or will be immune to interference and / or malfunctions and / or malfunctions and / or failures and / or damages whatsoever.

The Company shall not be liable to you and / or any other person, directly or indirectly, for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of the Site and / or the Services and / or the Services of the third party and / or the inability to make use of the Site and / Or the loss of information and / or damage to your computer and / or the information stored on your computer and / or damage resulting from the complete or partial deletion of the information stored and any other damage whether or not the damage is expected And you hereby declare that you are solely responsible for any use that you make on the Site and / or the Services and / or the Services of the third party.

It is clarified that (a) in any case of contradiction between a text appearing in any publication on behalf of the Company and the wording appearing in the Company's records, the text appearing in the Company's records shall prevail; (B) With respect to any publication on behalf of the Company, including promotions, the Company reserves the right to cancel the publication and / or the offer and to limit its participation at any time; (C) Any publication on behalf of the Company shall not be deemed to be a binding offer, but as an invitation to submit bids on behalf of the users and the advertisers. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, any engagement between the Company and a third party is subject to the prior written approval of the Company.

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